Note Sellers

Selling Notes couldn’t be easier in our Trading Platform. We offer an array of tools to help you sell your notes. We have a large database of Buyers (growing every day) who are eager to make new investments. If you are new to selling notes through an online system and you’d like help, we are just a phone call away. Your first step is to become a Registered User.

Single Notes / Bulk Notes: Our system is designed to allow you to sell one note, a handful of notes, or a large pool. If you are selling only a few notes, the easiest process is for you to enter the note information in our simple form. We automatically retrieve an image of the address you provide from both Google and Zillow, or you can upload your own image of the property location.

If you’re selling a larger pool of notes, we provide a downloadable spreadsheet to fill out that can simply be imported into the system. We even have an Automated Program that will automatically convert your spreadsheet into the required format. Simply upload your spreadsheet and we will convert it for you into our format.

If you prefer a totally hands-off, full-service approach, Contact Us and we will assign one of our experienced Account Reps to handle the entire process for you. This will allow you to monitor all activity but have our experienced, professionals handle the setup procedures, conduct additional monitoring, and handle any Buyer questions.

Mobile Application: Stay on top of your business without standing still. Our Free Mobile Application allows you to view notes you are selling in real-time.

Multiple Selling Options: You select the best option to get the most for your note(s). See the FAQs on this page for more information.

Closing Procedures: Seller and Buyer are both notified via email upon a successful transaction. We have an exclusive 6 step process that is handled online so you can manage it every step of the way. We have put all the pieces together so you don’t have to.

If, at any time you need additional information or would like to share feedback about the process, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only the actual Note Holder can place notes for sale on this website. If you have notes under contract or are attempting to wholesale them – you are NOT allowed to list them for sale. You must be on title or prove that you have real ownership to be able to list a Note for sale. Please do NOT attempt to sell notes that are not valid or that you do not actually own. This will cause confusion and could result in you not being allowed to use Note Trader Exchange in the future.

Also, while you are attempting to sell a Note on this site you are not allowed to sell on any other sites. The Buyers looking to purchase your Note have an expectation that it is available for sale.

Important: If there are potential Title issues. Please talk to us before making your Notes available for sale. We would like to help you take some corrective action on your Notes so you dont have Closing issues at the end of the process. The Escrow/Title Companies we have established relationships with are experts at handling these issues.

We are here to help you through the entire process.

If you have a Spreadsheet of Notes that you want to Import into our system you can Download our Spreadsheet Template. Our Import Process will only accept a file in our format. The Template is available under Seller Dashboard - Create Note.

Bulk Import Converter: We have a standalone tool that will Convert any Spreadsheet into our Format. From the same screen where you Download our Template you can Import your Spreadsheet and we will Convert It. We can also Import the File for you and notify you when all the Notes are in your Pending List or we can email you back the Converted File and you can Import it yourself through our Online Tools. Whatever you choose, do not spend hours trying to Convert your Spreadsheet into ours. Our tool can do it in less than a minute.

Once you Import a Pool of Notes using our Template you will receive a list of Warnings, Errors, and Duplicates. If we find any issues in your file we will let you know the Records that could not process and the Reason so you can correct it.

Importing only takes a few seconds and your notes are moved to your Pending List. In your Pending List you have a list of all the notes that you have submitted but are not Active yet.

Selling Bulk Notes: If you prefer to submit a pool of notes for sale and sell as a Bulk Transaction, we offer additional Services to handle this. Please Contact Us and we will work with you individually.

There are multiple options available for you to sell your notes. Whether you choose to sell your note outright or through our bidding process – we have Buyers waiting for your product. Below are some terms and explanations to help you determine the best selling method for you.

Reserve Price: this is the minimum that you are willing to accept for the note. All notes listed for sale must contain a Reserve Price. Our fees are automatically calculated and added to your Reserve Price so that you get no less than what your minimum requirement is. The system will add system fees to your reserve price so you don’t have to worry about it.

Start Date: this is the date and time you desire to have the Note made Active in our System. You can make it immediately available upon submission or you can schedule your Note to be made Active at a future date and time. When we make the Note Active at your desired time you will receive an email notification about the event.

Expiration Date: all notes made Active on our system have an Expiration Date that you set. If we have not secured a Buyer for your Note prior to the Expiration date/time the Note will automatically be moved to your Expired List under the Seller Dashboard.

Below is a list of all the Selling Options that are available:

Bidding Only: this means that you are selling your note by allowing Buyers to bid for it within a certain time frame. Buyers will continue to compete and bid on your note driving the price and value up. It will not be a successful sale unless the final (largest) bid amount is greater than the reserve.

Bidding and Buy it Now: this means that you are willing to allow bidding for your note but the Buy It Now is also available. The Buy it Now price should be equal to or greater than the reserve price set for the bidding process.

Buy it Now Only: this means that you are seeking this acceptable amount for the note. In this situation, the Buy it Now and the Reserve Price will be the same.

Make Offer: this means that you have not disclosed the amount that you are looking for and are asking for offers. You will have an opportunity to review each offer and either accept them or reject them. When you accept an offer it will immediately be moved to your Under Contract List and the Buyer’s Under Contract List and you will receive an Email to initiate Due Diligence and Closing Procedures.

From the Seller’s Dashboard you have access to Create Notes, Pending Notes, Active Notes, Open Offers, Under Contract, Closed Notes, and Expired Notes. To submit a note for sale, you will begin at Create Notes.

Under Create Notes, you have two options for uploading note information and posting notes for sale. The first option is to upload your notes for sale via an Excel spreadsheet (this is discussed more fully under Submitting A Pool of Notes For Sale). The second option is to type in the information about each note one field at a time. Once this is completed the Note will be moved to your Pending List.

In your Pending List you will have a list of all notes that are ready to be made Active.

From here you will have the ability to do the following:

  • Edit the Note Information
  • Add an Image. We will show you images that we pull from Google and Zillow. You can choose one of them them or Upload your own Image and use it.
  • Select the Escrow/Title Company that you want to Close the Transaction.
  • Activate the Note (for more information see: What Does it Mean to Activate a Note).

In your Pending List select Activate for each note. Here you will be required to select the sales method, amount to sell it for, and days to list Note. Once your Note is Active your Note will be available for sale to all Buyers.

At this stage we also will require you to select the Title/Escrow Company which will help to facilitate the sale of your Note (see Escrow/Title Company for more information).

Documents (PDF only) are stored on our server and can only be accessed through the system by the winning Buyer. These will also be sent to the Escrow/Title Company that you choose to Close the Transaction.

The following minimal documents will be required in order to complete a transaction: Original Promissory Note, Original Deed/ Mortgage, Original Chain of Assignments and Original Allonge(s), if applicable. For different note types different information is needed to get the best outcome. If you have any question about the documents you need please feel free to reach out to us about it. If you can provide a recent BPO, payment history, etc it will add to the speed of the due diligence process.

All of these Documents will be uploaded during your Step #1 - of the Closing Process

Preparing a Note for Sale: Many of the Escrow/Title Companies that we have partnered with are capable of performing many services to help you prepare your files upfront before trying to sell your notes. If you need additional assistance please feel free to reach out to us or any of our Preferred Resources for additional help.

If you prefer to have us Import your Notes into the System and/or Monitor all the sales for you, we can do that as well. Please Contact Us and we will be glad to work with you on a one-to-one basis to help facilitate the entire process.

Monitoring the Notes you have available for sale is easy. When you visit your Seller Dashboard you can view all the following: Pending, Active, Open Offers, Under Contract, Closed, and Expired. Each of these categories allows you to search and perform separate operations on your files at any time.

All registered users have the ability to Download our Free Mobile Application. The Mobile Application will enable you to perform many of the same searching and monitoring functions as the Note Trader Exchange Web Site.

From the Seller Dashboard you can perform the following Funtions:

Create Note(s): this allows you to enter new Notes for sale on Note Trader Exchange. You can add one note at a time through our Web Interface or import a pool of Notes all at once. To Import your note(s) through our Bulk Import process you will need our Spreadsheet Template. Our Importer will only read the file in this format. However, we also have an Automated Spreadsheet Converter that will automatically Convert your Spreadsheet to our Format. You have the option of us Converting it and emailing it back to you or we can also Import it for you and the Notes will show up in your Pending List. If you are having any issues uploading your Notes please Contact Us so we can help. Once completing this step all Notes will be present in your Pending List.

Pending List: this lists all the Notes that you have loaded into our System but are not yet Available for Sale. From this list you can edit the Note information, delete a Note, and choose a Property Image (or Upload your own). We pull images from Google and Zillow so you have multiple options available. Once you are ready to show the Note for Sale you can click the Activate Button. This will allow you to select the method and terms you are looking for selling this Note (see Selling Options). Once complete, your Note will now be in your Active List and available on our Active Note Listings Page available to all Buyers.

Active List: this lists all Notes that you have Active with Note Trader Exchange and/or notes that are scheduled to be Active soon. From this list you can De-Activate a note. This will remove the note from being Active and move it back to your Pending List. However, Buyers do not like to see Notes here one day and gone the next. They are relying on the System to present purchasing options that are readily available. Also, under certain circumstances the System will not allow you to De-Activate a Note if people are already bidding on it.

Open Offers List: this lists all Notes that you are selling with our Make Offer Buying Option and displays any open offers awaiting your Approval or Rejection. When you accept an offer it will immediately be moved to your Under Contract List and the Buyer’s Under Contract List and you will receive an Email to initiate due diligence and closing procedures.

Under Contract List: this lists all Notes that you currently have Under Contract and waiting to close. Here you will see the list of Notes requiring additional information to complete the Closing Process. From this list you can enter the requested Closing Information, upload Documents, and sign Agreements. You will be able to monitor the complete Closing Process from here.

Closed List: this lists allows you to see your completed transactions. All notes are moved into this List by Admin for Note Trader Exchange once we get the Closing Information from the Title/Escrow Company.

Expired List: this lists all the Notes that you had listed that did not attract a Buyer. From this list you will be able to set them back to the Pending List so you can make necessary adjustments and try again.

Once a note is ready to be purchased, both the Buyer and Seller are immediately notified via email. The email received will give you instructions and direct you about how to begin the Closing Process. You must complete the required information in your Seller's Dashboard - Under Contract List to keep the process moving in a timely manner. Below are the steps for each closing:

Step #1 - Closing Information Needed: both Buyer and Seller provide closing information needed for the assignment, signs required documents, and upload Note Documents to share with Buyer and Title/Escrow Company (if required). Upon completion of this step by both parties our automated Document Generator will prepare the needed Agreements.

Step #2 - Document Generation: we have an automated process that will prepare all the documents need to be signed by both parties. Once the documents are prepared (it only takes a few moments) both parties will be notified via email.

Step #3 - Sign Documents: both Buyer and Seller will need to log into the system to review and apporve agreements. This is done with the click of a button - giving your Approval will automatically sign the document for you and record the event.

Step #4 - Admin Send to Title/Escrow Company (if required): admin at Note Trader Exchange will go over and approve all information to submit to Title/Escrow Company to begin closing process. Both Seller and Buyer are notified via email when this step has been completed.

Step #5 - Open Escrow: buyer will begin Due Diligence period by submitting a 5% deposit with Title/Escrow Company by following written instructions provided by them. Upon completion of this Step Buyer will return to the System and mark that it has been completed (updating the System can be done by the Buyer, Admin, or the Title/Escrow Company)

Step #6 - Title/Escrow Company: will prepare all required documents, recordings, and handle dispensing of all funds.

Once Note Purchse has been completed Admin will close the sale out on the Note Trader Exchange system and this note will be moved from Seller Under Contract List to Seller Closed List.

We are here to help you through the entire process. We do our best to make sure that we can complete the transaction.

Buyers who are purchasing a Note with a Purchase Price under $25,000 have the option to close directly with the Seller and not use the preferred Title/Escrow Company.

We have a Standard Note Purchase Agreement that we have for all note transactions. If you would prefer to use your own Note Purchase Agreement you will need to submit it to us for review and so that we can add it to your system.

Our system is flexible enough to be able to use your agreement in our automated process but we will need some time to set it up in our system.

For various reasons, some Notes just don’t sell. This is often due to the actual property associated with the specific note or the pricing may have been too high for the current note-buying community. When this happens, the Note will appear in your Expired list and you will have the option to make it Active again. At this time, you might consider changing the asking price.

Occasionally, a problem can arise that prevents the completion of the sale. In that case, Seller will have the option of moving the note back to Active status and try again or Note Trader Exchange will contact the ‘runner up’ and see if they would like to purchase the note.

Using Preferred Resources: to ensure a smooth flow of the volume of Notes being traded concurrently, we have partnered with multiple third party Title/Escrow Companies to oversee the closing process. We have built solid relationships with these companies and they are each capable of handling Escrow services nationwide and Assignments for the Note Sales we send them (as well as a host of other services). We have established these relationships so that the process can be quick, efficient, and most of all safe for all parties. Working with our Preferred Resources offers the greatest opportunity for success.

We have gathered information upfront from each of our Partners which allows us to promptly send both the Buyer and the Seller Closing Instructions. You can view these documents and learn additional information on each of these companies on our Resources web page.

If there is a Company you would like us to see added to the list please Contact Us and we will see if we can set up that relationship.

With any transaction, there are closing costs associated with the assignment and transfer of the note. These costs will be split between the Seller and Buyer and should be outlined in the packages provided in advance by each Title/Escrow Company. The good news is that we are paying for your portion of the Closing Costs for any note over $20,000. This is both to encourage you to participate with us and to use our Preferred Resources. That means you won’t have to worry about those typical closing costs anymore. This offer is extended to cover the Standard Closing Costs. Any additional Services and Fees will be discussed with you by the Title/Escrow Company in advance.

Transaction Fees: listing a Note on our System Costs you nothing. If it does not sell there is no cost involved. Our System Fees are added to the Reserve Price that you set when you Activate the Note. They are embedded in the process so that all fees are covered in the overall transaction. This ensures that you are guaranteed to get at least your asking price. In most cases the offers will be higher than your asking price and you will receive that increase. Please see our Trading Terms for more information.

We have two sets of Buyers on participating on our Site.

Buyers: these are Buyers who are able to look at product that is available for sale from most of the Private Sellers we have on the site.

Trophy Buyers: are Buyers who have already proofed up to us or the Seller and have access to Notes that ONLY Trophy Buyers can see. This was specifically set up to handle larger institutions who want to know more about those who have access to the their Notes for sale.