How Note Trader Works

  1. Seller adds a note for sale to the system. This can be done through our simple Create Note form or by using our Bulk Import system.
  2. Seller activates the note selecting the start date, end date, the amount the note is for sale, and the method (bid only, buy it now only, bid and buy it now, make offer) by which the note is available for sale. At this time the Seller will also choose the Title/Escrow Company that will handle the Closing Process.
  3. Buyer has all the tools needed to search and find the various notes available for sale. Buyer can easily add a note to their personal watch list, and create unlimited favorites lists.
  4. Depending on the method the Seller chooses to sell the note, the Buyer can select to Buy it Now, Place a Bid, or Make an Offer.
  5. Once a Note is 'won' all parties will be notified via Email and the Note will be moved to both the Seller's and the Buyer's Under Contract List.
  6. Closing is a simple 6 step process and the system will guide all parties through each step. All transactions are closed through a Licensed Title/Escrow Company.
  7. There are many additional tools and features for all parties to get the most out of their online Business with us.