Take your career to the next level. Get paid for referring Buyers and Sellers to the site. Right now it's free and easy to get started.

To begin, Get Registered as a Partner and you’ll receive a unique link that you can send to anyone who might be interested in buying or selling notes. Any Buyer or Seller who uses your link to register will automatically be connected with your profile. You will receive income from every deal that’s completed by your registrants. You’ll be able to login and track the entire process.

In your profile, you’ll see the list of people who you have successfully registered. You will also see totals and counts of the notes your Sellers have listed or your Buyers have purchased, how many are under contract and how many have closed.

Each month you’ll receive payment for all the transactions your registrants have completed. All of the statistics and information you need to monitor your business is included in the site and on our Mobile Application. It is all transparent and available. No more worrying about what people are doing without you knowing. With this tool, you can finally build your business, worry-free.

Mobile Application: Download the Free Mobile Application. Login and track the same activity available online through the Web Application.

If, at any time you need additional information or would like to share feedback about the process, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questons

Partnering with Note Trader Exchange has many benefits. The system is designed to allow you to obtain income from the relationships you already have and the new ones you have yet to make.

What does partnership mean to you? You’ll be sharing the link we provide to you with any Buyers and Sellers who you might know who are buying or selling notes. In turn, once they register using your link, they will be saved as your lead. You will receive a Commission on any note that your leads Buy or Sell. It’s that easy. We protect your leads and you will be able to log in at any time and see Summary Activity related to all your leads.

Remember, we will be advertising this System everywhere and so will others. If you hesitate, you will miss out on this great opportunity. If people you know register without you, you will have missed out on a partnering opportunity for that person. So don’t put it off – get registered today and start sharing!

Your partner link will be sent to you via email when you successfully Register but it can also be found in your Partner Menu when you log in.

Please feel free to share your Link with anyone interested in Buying or Selling Notes. Anyone who registers using your link will automatically be registered as a lead under your account. You will be sent an email whenever someone successfully registers using your link.

As a partner, you will be able to log into the system and monitor the leads that you have shared with us. You will be able to see a list of all active Buyers and Sellers that you have brought into the system. You will also be able to view the total number of notes and total purchase amounts that your leads have under contract to sell or purchase. We will also provide you with a running total of the commissions you have earned. This will enable you to see the profit that your leads have generated since you began partnering with us.

You can monitor your account on the go as well, by downloading the Free Mobile Application.

Protecting you and your leads is never taken lightly. The system will automatically connect your login to anyone who registers under you. You never need to worry about losing that lead. It will be forever linked to your account.

We do not allow multiple Partners to be assigned to a single Buyer or Seller.

If you Registered as a Partner we will need your Tax-Id to ensure your commissions are paid to you. If you are Registered as a Partner, you will find a The Corp ID / SSN field in your User Profile Settings.

If you didn’t initially Register as a Partner but now want to be this can be changed in your User Settings.

Partners receive their partner payment at the end of each month. This payment will be a total of all the completed closings for a given month. Please be sure that the Tax ID in your User Settings is completed and accurate. You will receive a year-end IRS-1099 for all the payments you have received. If this information is missing our automated payment system will kick your payment out and it will not be sent.

We are using an automated payment system (Dwolla) to make payments to all partners. Your payments will automatically be applied to your account.

Dwolla: you will receive an email from our provider that will explain to you how to set up an account and receive your payment. Further information about Dwolla can be found at: Dwolla.